COVID19 Telehealth

Due to COVID19 and the subsequent shelter in place in California, I am currently doing telehealth with all of my clients as of March 2020. This is to help reduce the spread of COVID19 in the area and I will likely continue to do this until there is a vaccine.

All of my sessions are currently conducted over a secure video conferencing platform. I am currently using Zoom, as I’ve found that platform to have the best quality connection though I may try others.

Though the experience of therapy is a different when meeting through a video conferencing platform, my clients who I have seen both in person and via telehealth have reported that they have not experienced a reduction in the quality of therapy or Brainspotting on telehealth vs in-person.

For telehealth, I schedule my sessions for 50 to 60 minutes. The extra 10 minutes is to allow time to deal with potential technological issues that inevitably occur some days.

If you have any questions about the telehealth process, we can have a conversation during a 15-minute phone consultation, which you can schedule below.